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Главная » 2009 » Июнь » 10 » Final 6.60 Update
Final 6.60 Update

Alright, everything is going smooth so far and nothing major discovered. I'll start uploading it to all the mirrors very soon. I'm doing a final proofread on the changelog right now as well, and then I'll post it on

Thanks to everyone that helped test this version and to all the players that have sent me their feedback and requests in. There are many changes in this patch, some depend on the other one, so you'll need to play it a bit to get a good idea for how things play out in practice. That being said, don't hesitate to give me your first impressions and your overall feelings towards the update. There will probably be a 6.60b or a 6.61 to quickly following this one, so let me know any mistakes you find or any suggestions for stuff to change.

A few weeks ago I asked for help on for a new website. Thanks to all the effort of the community and volunteers, it has made very good progress. I've decided to reveal a public beta of the website to you guys today as well. It still needs more work and it will have bugs, but it seems like it would be appropriate to do it today and get a bigger group of people testing it and helping us with it.

Mission statement

Feedback & Help:

Update: The website will probably be a bit slow for the next few days as it gets properly configured and the bugs worked out.

Update 2: The map and logs have been released, but something unusual from the regular release traffic is sending mass permanent connections and locking up from regular users. Trying to find solutions to stop the spam attack now.

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